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Crystal Skull candle pick a color

Crystal Skull candle pick a color

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Pick your color available in Black, Red, Green

Cotton Wick!

Our candles use the max amount of scent.

So strong you may choose to not light and it will still give off a great scent.


Deep Woods - As though you were placed deeply in a magical land surrounded by pine trees.

Dragons Blood - A very hip "incense" like smell can transport you thoughts back to a simpler time of shag rugs and lava lamps. Dragons blood has a spicy incense smell. Light and clear air; Wake the dragon.

Vetiver - Strong almost hard to pin smell very common base note in most men's and some women's perfumes. Warm scent, that has a touch of fruity but is very fresh clean and inviting.

Amber - Very mellow warm smell that isn't over powering but is still noticeable. A scent that is all over most people seem to enjoy. Warm spice clean and nice.

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