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Hand of glory scented wax candle

Hand of glory scented wax candle

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A cryptic legend brought forth and solidified into a candled existence. Folk lore states an original hand of glory is the severed hand of a hanged man; bestowing those who wield this wicked tool to be unseen within the cover of darkness. Other versions state that the hand of glory was a candle with five wicks that was made from the body fat of humans.

This modernized version is scented to max perfection.

Original was hand sculpted and each candle is a cast from the original.

This candle has a great cold throw.

Materials: scent, color, cotton wicc, wick, wic, magic, magick, art, witch, wax, arte, smell, fire.


Deeps woods - As though you were placed deeply in a magical land surrounded by pine trees

Dragons Blood - A very hip "incense" like smell can transport your thoughts back to a simpler time of shag rugs and lava lamps.

Vetiver - Strong almost hard to pin smell very common base note in most men's and some women's perfumes. Warm scent that has a touch of fruity but is very fresh clean and inviting.

Amber - Very mellow warm smell that isn't over powering but is still noticeable. A scent that is all over most people seem to enjoy. Warm spice clean and nice.

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